Quenby graduated with an Associates of Science in Photographic Technology from the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. A native to Eugene, Oregon, she now resides in Florida; where she must stay because she can no longer breathe air that is not 80% humidity.

Carli Vögel
Editor in Chief / Interviewer

Carli is an artist and writer from the woodland bogs north of the Adirondack Mountains. 
She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from The State University of New York at Potsdam for Printmaking, with a concentration in Intaglio, Silk Screen and Linoleum Block Printing.
Vögel experiments with surrealist photography as well as mixed media and digital illustration, traditional printmaking and painting. 

Alyson Bowen
Editor/Social Media Manager

Alyson  is currently working towards her Bachelor of Science in Photography through the University of Central Florida’s School of Visual Arts & Design. Personal discoveries and discomforts, social issues, as well as internal and external conflict often construct the basis of her work. Her work has been included in several competitions and exhibitions including the Creative Quarterly journal, Photographer’s Forum Magazine, and “Growth” a solo exhibition in UCF’s gallery 202. She recently relocated to Portland, Oregon where she intends to achieve an MFA and work towards her goal of instruction in photographic education.

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